The Bulge Wall

Bulge Walll Mark West l 2003

The Bulge Wall presents a flexible system within the constraints of a standard construction process.  This system allows for fabric sheets to be placed inbetween standard wall or floor systems.  The typical boundary forms have cut outs imbedded in them that allow for the concrete to flow out, while still being controlled by the fabric.  Within the wall, form can also be controled by placing filler objects(impactos) or connecting points between planes. The result is a mix between two seemingly opposing systems.  One being the traditional restrictive planar system, the other being the free-form fabric system that at times can be difficult to control.
Response and Intended Use:
The Bulge Wall incorporates an interesting dynamic between not only two different construction systems fused into one, but also the relationship of an object to the field.  The play between what constitutes the boundary of the formwork creates an inherent tension within the project.  The planar system is controling the overall form, but the flexible fabric allows for the concrete to bypass the static traditional constraints.  And within that play between different boundaries, there is the relationship of the impactos, the objects that give the concrete its interior form.  They create the pressue that dictates the flow of the concrete from the interior.  The methods used to control the concrete are themselves creating space.  The question becomes how to create a process where the objects can become functionable themselves.  To somehow give a more significant role to them after the cast.  The same is applied to the two boundary systems, do they become detached or maintain some connection to the cast?
Key Concepts:
Flexibility                                                                                                                                                                                Responsiveness                                                                                                                                                                              Impactos-things that push the fabric inwards                                                                                                                                       Cut Out
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