The Hive


Hive l Frank Fantauzzi with Anthony Dong l 2002

Eight hundred bags of Quikrete were stacked like bricks over a 35 foot long bundle of dead trees. Eventually, the trees will rot away leaving behind an arch.
Response and Intended Use:
The directness of this project is one of its most intriguing aspects.  The raw nature of how the materials were found and used communicate its intent in a very provactive way.  The elaborate process that is required to produce a concrete construction has been eliminated here, reducing the construction process to the essential methods.  Part of that construction process is time and nature.  How long will it take for mother nature to saturate the bags of concrete and harden or how fast the trees decay is an element of design here.  One of the biggest objectives in terms of this thesis is gaining the understanding that sometimes the process of deconstruction is just as architecturally relevant as the process of construction.  This project is in a constant state of transition, which is created by the relationship of form and formwork.  In terms of the analysis models, one of the main intentions will be to develop a system that can be in transition and maintains a certain level of rawness to how the materials are used.  The relationship of time will be an important factor  as well as devising a way to incorporate that fundamental construction process.
Key Concepts:
 Raw Material                                                                                                                                                                            Time/Nature
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