Series 2 – Kit of Parts(Rotating Formwork)

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– Box becomes individual elements, as opposed to previous planar system
– Create exterior formwork connection – rod(based on slip cast hydraulic jack)
– Create cast which influences final position of formwork
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One Response to Series 2 – Kit of Parts(Rotating Formwork)

  1. mjnowaczyk says:

    It is interesting to think of concrete casting as something so small that can be built up to make larger form. Concrete always seems to be thought of as one continuous volumetric cast that is done pretty much at one time. The usage of a concrete component suggests that there is flexibility, variability, and growth. Also, it is interesting to see concrete at such small pours. Could you use smaller concrete pours as an aggregate or formwork for larger concrete pours, thus making a system that could potentially grow first at a small scale and then shift up drastically to a larger scale.


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