Moving Forward

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The final proposal of this thesis is a full-scale installation, exploring strategies developed from the previous research.  The installation will be as experimental as previous investigations, with the jump in scale posing new questions and challenging conventions on a whole new level.  The first priority, choosing a site.  The question becomes what the appropriate setting is for this proposal.  Interior vs. exterior, open vs. contained space, built environment vs. blank canvas; to which does this project aspire to inhabit?
The Grain Elevators, situated on the outskirts of Buffalo, present an interesting backdrop, a byproduct of material innovation and industrial production. The site, from construction to use, was the embodiment of movement in architecture.  Now abandoned, the remnants still remain; the striations of the slipform embedded into the walls, the rail car pins protruding from the foundation, the vertical chutes hanging from the ceiling, traces of movement all consumed by the architecture.
The specific site resides in the last silo of Marine A, a vacant room stripped of all function and equipment.  It is one of few silos which required a drop ceiling (sloped from 12’ to 17’), the rest tower just over 120’ into the sky. There are numerous tensions created by the use of this particular site; the massive scale, the innovative use of concrete, the abandoned context (with historical, political and social connotations).  The ambition is not to resolve these, but to use these contradictions to develop a commentary between two diverse processes and the results they yield.  The installation will be referential, yet at the same time creating its own situation, declaring its own identity.
My ambition is to use a similar process as developed in the “Suspension” investigation.  Its parasitic nature opens up the possibility of really exploring the site through the misuse of conventions.  It enables the installation to be an intervention, not an isolated object completely disconnected from its environment. The intention is not to simply scale up the process, but to develop it in relation to the context of the site.
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