Final Review

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The final review was held on April 27th in Silo City.  A special thanks to all those who attended and braved the cold weather!!! Final Critic List:
– Charlie O’Geen
– Sekou Cooke
– Jennifer Harmon
– David Allen
– Catie Newell
– Stephen Zacks
– Maciej Kaczynski
– Beth tauke
– Annette Lecuyer
– Dennis Maher
– Rick Smith
– Jim Watkins
– Lindsay Romano
– Chris Romano (committee)
* A special thanks to all those who made this thesis possible.  Especially Bryan Mullaney, Michael Tuzzo, Alex Poklinkowski, Richard Stora, Lauren Oliveri, Scott Selin, Adrian Solecki, Troy Barns, Stephen Olson, Rob Garlow, John Wightman and Lindsay Romano. I would also like to thank my committee members, Chris Romano and Jean LaMarche, for their support over the last year, this would not have been possible without you.  And to Rick Smith and Jim Watkins for the opportunity to utilize such an incredibly inspiring site!
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  1. diedo says:

    Join the Fabric Formwork group on Facebook. I’ve been linking to your blog.

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